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Samarkand connect brands to Chinese consumers. They help international firms with everything required to enter the Chinese eCommerce market, from market entry strategy to greater visibility of existing China sales.

It was important that Samarkand's website reflects them as a forward thinking and approachable technology company. The designer that had established their branding came up with how the site should look, which Maso Design then brought to life. This included taking the still vectors produced by the designer and animating them.

Site walkthrough

Showing two pages, the 'logistics' page that features the China map animation above, as well as the homepage.

The bottom of the homepage has a custom carousel that was built using 'Wonder Slider Lite'


Used sparingly, animations are a fantastically effective way to bring sophisticated focus, personality and life to a web page.


This animation shows the main areas where Samarkand have been delivering products to Chinese consumers this year.

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