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I've been working with Danielle for the last 18 months to help create her vision. I've helped her with designs for social media, business cards, envelopes and letterheads.

Danielle approached me to build her new website which needed to be clean and professional yet approachable. It was also to be a launchpad for her book

Pricing table

This way of displaying pricing was chosen to clearly convey the comparable session price & benefits between Danielle's packages.


It's important to make sure you have enough copy on a website. It helps with SEO, and makes sure your potential clients have the information they need.

However big blocks of text can be intimidating! One important role when designing a website is finding patterns in some of the information and finding a way to display that clearly. In this case the various types of coaching Danielle offers, and displaying them side by side on a page shows the information is comparable. Simple icons above help to plant an impression of what the text is about, so the viewer just needs to skim the information to find the bits they are looking for.

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